ActivityPro +

Why your clients will love using your own branded app.

What is ActivityPro +?

ActivityPro + is a interactive challenge-based app for kids, making learning fun and keeping them engaged. With 1 in 4 suffering from mental health issues, and 1 in 3 overweight/obese every day the challenge to get children healthy becomes harder.


Our new app helps you the coach/club support your communities especially through these difficult times with lockdowns, tiered systems and limited interaction.


This also allows a coach/club to earn some revenue through the tough times.

Features include:

  • Challenges
  • Secure group chat
  • Avatar character
  • Quizzes
  • Tips and Videos
  • Leaderboards
  • Prizes


  • Create an Avatar
  • Collect Coins
  • Unlock New Styles


  • Monthly & Weekly
  • Compete With Friends
  • Prizes to be Won

Group Chat

  • Keep Track of your Sessions
  • Chat Securely With Friends


  • Complete Challenges
  • Stay Active & Improve
  • Win Coins


  • Improve Your Knowledge
  • Challenge Yourself
  • Have Fun!

News & Photos

  • Keep up to date with the Club
  • See upcoming Sessions & Tournaments
  • Stay Connected to the Club


  • Learn New Skills
  • Improve your Game
  • Practice makes Perfect

World Sports & Resources

  • Stay up to date in the World of Sport
  • Learn from New Resources
  • Explore


  • Watch Tutorials of Challenges
  • Learn New Skills from Professionals
  • Keep up to date with Club Videos

ActivityPro meets (and exceeds!) all your coaching and club needs.